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Duraprint™ 7 Durable Cover

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FSC Certified
FSC Certified

Duraprint™ 7 Durable Cover

Brand owners and converters needing a strong yet pliable cover material that prints beautifully and holds up to the rigors of demanding folding applications now have a better solution:  Duraprint 7.  Duraprint 7 is a 5.4 mil durable cover material that is perfect for book covers, CD/DVD cases, set up boxes, presentation covers and other projects where crack-free repetitive folding is a requirement.


Attributes & Characteristics

Parent Size Parent Size
Die/Laser Cut Die/Laser Cut
Embossing Embossing
Engraving Engraving
Foil-stamping Foil-stamping
Sheet Fed Offset Press Sheet Fed Offset Press
Web Offset Press Web Offset Press
Packing: Skids Packing: Skids
Smooth Smooth
Web Rolls Web Rolls

Eco Attributes

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